Buy Exotic Timber Worktops from Kitchen Surplus!

Solid timber worktops are a beautiful kitchen feature, and none so striking as those constructed from our stunning exotic woods. Iroko, zebrano and wenge are distinctive timbers, each with their own unique aesthetics. If you are tempted by one of these eye-catching solid wood worktops, you can find out more in today’s blog:

Iroko Worktops

Combining deep golden tones, iroko worktops feature an array of shades from warm honey to dark, rich chocolate. These lustrous wood work surfaces showcase eye-catching iridescence in some of their 40mm-wide staves – one of the reasons this hard-wearing timber is used for ornaments and ceremonial instruments in its African homeland. The colour of these worktops will become enriched with age, darkening to a warm bronze hue.

Zebrano Worktops

If you would like to infuse your kitchen with character, why not add an island unit with impressive zebrano worktops? Sometimes known as ‘zebra wood’, it’s not hard to tell how this timber got its name! Incorporating dark chocolate markings across beautiful caramel-coloured grain, this work surface is truly distinctive.

Wenge Worktops

Dark and dramatic, wenge worktops are perfect for creating a sleek, stylish look in contemporary kitchens. They are also immensely durable, sometimes described as the wooden equivalent to granite. 50% more dense than oak – which itself is incredibly robust – this worktop is not only luxurious but also one of great strength.

No matter which worktop you select, all our wood is kiln-dried to ensure drying is thorough and to protect against decay. Once carefully assembled with finger-jointing and bonded under high pressure, every worktop is sanded to a smooth 150-grit finish ready for oiling. If you’ve chosen your favourite, please get in touch to place your order: you can telephone us on 01452 725145 or email .

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