Ordering Rustic Oak Worktops? Don’t forget your Worktop Aftercare Kit!

If you are ordering Rustic Oak worktops or any of the other timber worktops in our range, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly kitted-out to carry-out the correct oiling procedures during installation.

Our Worktop Aftercare Kit includes a selection of products that make it easy to sand and oil the surface: 4 x foam oiling brushes of varying sizes, and 5 x denibbing pads to lightly sand the surface between coats of oil.

Before installing wood worktops it is very important to oil all faces of the worktop three times with Rustins Danish Oil; you will need 1L to fully protect every 3M of worktop. The end grain and any cut edges will absorb a larger quantity of oil and will therefore require up to 6 coats for full protection. We recommend that you allow approximately 6-8 hours between coats to allow the oil to dry. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe away any surplus oil 30 minutes after application of each coat.

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